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Great Games

Greatness is a word that is used to describe superiority and popularity. Almost everyone aspires for greatness, even game developers. Game developers aspire for the greatness of the games they create. Great games not only find success in exceeding the sales expectations of the game developers, but also in winning the hearts of gamers all over the world. So what makes a game great? Here is a couple of explanations behind great games:

* Great games have interesting storylines.

Ever wondered why Final Fantasy remains one of the most popular great games ever? Its secret doesn't only lie in the amazing powers of the revolver-sword but in the interesting love story of Squall Leonhart and Rinoa Heartilly. Many gamers persevered the difficult stages and challenges of great games just to discover the outcome of the lead characters' relationship. The use of interesting storylines is now commonly used in the development of great games to make sure that gamers will play them long enough to view the developer credits.

* Great games have amazing visuals.

Which one would you rather play? A game featuring stick figures moving in an all-white space or a game featuring characters straight out of a Disney-Pixar movie? Unless you are into minimalism, you would rather have a fun and colourful Pixar-like character on your screen than a kindergarten-drawn stick figure. The amazing visuals of great games are used to give gamers a clearer representation of the virtual environment. Because of amazing visuals, players of great games may realise how frightening it is to live in a certain game environment and how difficult it is to journey along the many obstacles.

* Great games have fascinating characters.

Great games have staying power, and one way of ensuring their longevity is to develop fascinating characters that gamers can relate to. Gamers usually have a soft spot for underdogs as in the case of Super Mario Brothers. Mario is a vulnerable yet brave plumber who breaks bricks, rides clouds, swim seas and stomps on turtle-like enemies just to save Princess Peach from the evil King Koopa. So why do people love Mario? Because Mario inspires them to continue outsmarting difficult obstacles, one level at a time.

Great games are widely distributed on the Internet. Interested gamers may either play great games online or download them to their computers. Not all great games are free. Some game developers ask for corresponding fees before they allow you to play or download their great games. The availability of great games is not limited to the Internet, though. Copies of great games are also available in most toy stores and game shops, usually included in every purchase of a video game platform.